trekking Coast To Coast

Land of the Maples and home of the “Sorry”, but Canada has nothing to be sorry about. Its country has some of the most striking landscapes from coast to coast. With the summer weather in full motion now the trails are calling. Pack your hiking boots, some mix, a camera, and good company and go explore your backyard.


Here are some of the best trails Canada has to offer.


Newfoundland – East Coast Trail

This mammoth trail spanning over 300 km offers hikers of all levels a challenge and experience that is hard to match. Newfoundland’s trail line has developed over 26 individual trails that connect more than 30 communities. The air seems crisper, the colours seem more vibrant, the trees sway with more character, and time seems to slow down with every rooted step taken. This system of trails allows, to really experience the raw nature Newfoundland has to offer.


Nova Scotia - The Cabot Trail 

Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail is a long 289 km winding trail that completes a full loop at Cape Breton Highlands. This trail is shared amongst those who like a scenic drive, motorcycle ride, whale watching, and heal toe trekking. This trail is home to a vast amount of awe-inspiring views, and is somehow able to tell a story without saying any words. Being transported to what seems to be a part of Scotland, Cabot Trail can make you feel small in comparison; without the existential crisis.


Ontario – The Bruce Peninsula

If you are a history buff and want to experience a part of Canada’s first and longest foot trail system, the Bruce is where you want to be. This 890 km trail connects the Niagara region to Tobermory in all the right ways. Every step that is taken on this trail system allows the hiker to forget about worries of a modern fast-paced world; and brings it to a digestible pace where slower is better. With the size of the trail, there are spots where it feels like a leisurely nature walk and other spots where the sturdier the boot the more enjoyable the rout will be.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Located just east of Thunder Bay, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is a sight to see. Don’t let the name fool you, this giant will let you feel its rumble. Whether you prove your worth and hike to the top of the giant, or take a spiritual hike at Middlebrun Bay, you will feel unstoppable when you're done.


Alberta – Jasper National Park

There really isn’t much to say about Jasper National Park that you don’t already know. But we will talk about it a bit more, just to paint that Insta worthy picture. It doesn’t matter where you stop to take a photo, it always has a knack to turn out amazing. Bob Ross couldn’t even paint a picture as beautiful as Jasper National Park. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned vet on the trails or just starting out, Jasper National Park is nice to everyone. Whether you are the micro adventurer or the extreme adventurer, there are challenges and triumphs no matter the size. Bask in the glory of the crystal-clear water, see the wisps of clouds brush the side of the skyline, take that deep breathe in and feel your lungs saying thank you. 


Right beside Jasper National Park, Banff National Park is the mecca of everything adventurous in Canada. It doesn’t matter what season you visit Banff, you will be exposed to eye-opening views. They somehow change your outlook on what the park has to offer. It is one of those places where the landscape is unfathomable and unrealistic until you take it all in. You might catch yourself on a trail where the trail opens to a tea house in the foreground of a valley consumed by evergreens, beautifully exposed rock, and water so still you would think it’s a mirror.


British Columbia – The West Lions

The name speaks true to the ferocity of this park. It is as unforgiving as that one embarrassing memory but as rewarding as those first steps. This multi-terrain landscape surrounds the adventurer from every vantage point. If you are looking for a challenge, climatize yourself to the ruggedness of this wilderness and let it tell you who’s boss.


Make sure to plan and pack the appropriate gear, respect the trails, and most of all make some memories.