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From the beginning Asolo’s philosophy has been to develop innovative and technologically advanced footwear with great looks.
Asolo pays particular attention to the natural flex of the foot while also making sure that performance and comfort of it’s footwear is maximised. For this reason the new Asolo collection has been developed using 16 different lasts, each one with specific anatomical features sculpted to match defined and user criteria and fit characteristics. The last are broadly defined by men’s, women’s and child’s fit, but also include narrow, normal and wide fit option in key styles.

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The women’s last is specifically designed to accomodate the unique anatomical shape of a women foot paying attention to four specific areas :

  • blue part: forefoot fit

  • green part: instep (arch)

  • violet part: heel shape

  • orange part: heel heigh

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Every part is perfectly sculpted to best match the female foot anatomy. The result is a range of footwear that fits naturally to the foot, with great performance and comfort.


A new mountaineering boot, for ice falls and high altitude use developed in collaboration with Asolo testers’ team, for mountaineering use on 4 seasons. It includes the avant-garde Asolo technologies:

> Heel locking
> Lateral shell
> Carbon fiber lasting board combined with aluminium net to enhance insulation

MontBlanc_GV (Small).jpg

>Stretch nylon outer gaiter combined with neoprene lining

> Waterproof zipper and heat-sealed seams

> PU lateral protection 

Aperture_5546 (Small).jpg

> Nylon Cordura inner boot with webbing lacing system

> Schoeller Soft Shell is used on collar, lateral flex point and gusset

> Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Footwear lining + Gore-Tex Zamba stretch lining on the gusset lower part

> Heat sealed seams


> Sole made with Vibram® Mulaz outsole

> The microporous midsole offers maximum lightweight and insulation

> TPU attachments to adapt automatic crampons


Rear TPU crampon 

PU heel

High density microporous insert

Low density microporous midsole

Front TPU crampon attachment

Vibram® Mulaz rubber outsole

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5 Asoframe Technology.jpg

The Asoframe gives solidity, lightness and a comfortable fit to the AFS 8000 and AFS Evoluzione. The Asoframe uses a single moulded structure combining the midsole, heelcounter and toebox. Various plastic formulae are used to alter the stiffness of the boot giving varying performance characteristics for each model.

Rubber Vibram® outsole

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Developed for professional climbers, who are seeking the finest in performance and tecnica innovation. The new boots which are fully compatible with automatic crampons, have been designed, developed and rigorously tested with particular attention to the detail of the upper and outersole structure. Three new elements combine together to make up an enveloping, protective and high performance structure.


Frame and Pebax rear crampon attachment
Pebax moulded front crampon attachment

Shock absorbing PU inserts

Rubber outsole jointly developed by Asolo/Vibram®



> Rubber heel protection

> It contains, protects and support the heel



> Lateral shell made of injected moulded TPU

> It guarantees protection and containment

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The new models, which are fully compatible with semi-automatic crampons, have been designed and developed through very detailed and accurate research with professional testers.
Particular attention has been paid to all details and the finest materials carefully chosen.
The primary goal has been to develop highly technical, lightweight, precision products for technical and mixed route climbing.

12 Rock technology.jpg

TPU rear crampon attachment

TPU heel

High density microporous central midsole

High density microporous central midsole

Vibram ® rubber outsole

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Developed following the anatomically shaped Asolo last, the lasting board is made of carbon fibre, providing superbly lightweight and out standing underfoot rigidity. The upper part of the lasting board is covered by a neoprene layer, to give improved insulation and cushioning.

14 Rock Tec Lateral shell.jpg


The lateral shell is an injection moulded TPU. It is positioned on the lateral rubber heel band to provide enhanced support and protection.

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> The rear part under the heel is made with two different co-injected materials

> The upper element, in high-density thermoplastic polyurethane, provides stability and support and is used for secure crampon attachment

> The lower element in low-density polyurethane combined with the dual-density microporous midsole, assures optimum shock absorption

DIS2 (Small).jpg

High density TPU element

Low density TPU element

Double density rubber microporous midsole

Vibram rubber outsole®



> Developed following the anatomically shaped heel

> With its “T” design, it provides heel locking and heel support

> Made of an injection of PU (in & out) to prevent abrasion

tallone test (Small).jpg


> New project born from the collaboration between Asolo and Vibram

> Made of a moulded EVA midsole offering optimum comfort and support

> Combined with a PU heel insert for shock absorption

> Developed with Vibram® Megagrip compound, it offers optimum grip on wet surfaces and enhanced durability

Render Ground (3) (Small).jpg

Moulded EVA midsole

PU heel

Ground_Sole (Small).jpg

Asolo/Vibram® rubber bottom (MegaGrip compound)

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Highly technical and one-of-a-kind, the Asolo Power Matic sole is comprised of three different PU densities that are co-injected and molded together. The high-density front portion secures and guarantees maximum stability. The medium-density heel reduces shock and resulting fatigue during take-off and landing. Further shock absorption is obtained through the four strategically placed low-density molded rubber outsole produced in conjunction with Vibram®, the arch are uses a very high density rubber to maximize support over the long-haul while the balance of the outsole has self-cleaning lugs designed for optimum performance on varying types of terrain

21 power Matic mid.jpg

  High density PU midsole

   Medium density PU element

   Low density PU heel insert

   Asolo/Vibram® rubber outsole

24 TPS5.jpg

At the heart of the new TPS sole (designed by Asolo in partnership with Vibram®) the main concept remain based upon the TPS technology: featuring three shock absorbers created from low density polyurethane, providing shock absorption and positioned under the areas of foot that receive most impact. The outsole area has been completely renewed with improved self-cleaning channels and grip efficiently.

25 TPS1.jpg
26 TPS2.jpg

High density PU midsole

Low density PU element

28 TPS4.jpg

Asolo/Vibram® rubber outsole

29 TPS.jpg

The cylinder in the heel area (external part) is the shock absorber to the first impact of the foot with the ground.
The second cylinder in the heel area (inner part) provides stability to the walking gate.
The rocker, the final action, is supported by the cylinder in the metatarsal area 8inner part), and aids the toe off action.